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propagée par les Veuves: Alors que de nombreuses personnes ont été empoisonnées à Aureus ces derniers temps, il semblerait que la contamination des eaux ne soit pas une conséquence des manifestations de ce 5 septembre mais provient de la malveillance des Perles, par désir de vengeance suite à la perte d'une part du marché sur la Capitale suite à l'instauration de la république d'Aureus. Des hommes ont été aperçus la nuit, déversant des liquides dans l'eau d'Aureus, à la peau bien trop claire et au regard mauvais.
propagée par les Perles et la population d'Aureus: Il a été raconté par ceux présents sur la scène de crime qu'une rose avec des épines a été trouvée sur le corps d'Alexandre Shelby. Quelques minutes plus tard, à peine, un malheureux homme de main des épines rouges fut trouvé non loin de la maison de l'ancien dirigeant. Il se murmure que les épines rouges seraient à l'origine de cet assassinat, énervé par les contraintes qui leur étaient imposées par le nouveau gouvernement d'Aureus.
propagée par la population de Rezbia: Voilà plusieurs semaines que les apparitions publiques de la reine Nysa Sielle se font rares. Si la famille royale n'a pour l'instant pas offert d'explications à son peuple, cela n'empêche pas certains de spéculer sur la nature de cette absence. On murmure au sein du palais que la reine serait malade, et que c'est pour cette raison qu'on ne la voit quasiment plus sortir de sa chambre et qu'elle ne semble plus s'impliquer dans la vie du royaume. Cette rumeur commence à se répandre comme une traînée de poudre à travers le royaume de Valdierva.
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 DRABBLE (saoah) – i loved you to ruin, and ruin loved me back

 :: CHILLING TIME :: la baraque de cupidon  
— NEUTRE ; those who don’t care —
NEUTRE ; those who don’t care
Saad Nara
AVATAR + © : ncentineo + persona(ava) + bandit rouge (icons) + siren charms (sign) + bluleys.tumblr(profil)
POINTS : 1228
DRABBLE (saoah) – i loved you to ruin, and ruin loved me back 2f75840023f221dcbca741d3cde5a89af2f885ad
AGE : ( 22 yo ) jeunesse inconsciente de ses faiblesses, aube d'une sagesse se dérobant à ses doigts, le gamin souffre les limitations de sa pensée et l'impuissance liée à ses traits juvéniles.
STATUT CIVIL : ( single ) épris de la pureté des sentiments, de ces passions dévorantes, mais aussi la douceur de ces étreintes pudiques. saad est de ces amants ne croyant pas aux limites de l'amour. fébrile rêveur aimant à aimer, il est en son coeur trop de place pour qu'il se conforme à la monogamie bien pensante de ses ainés.

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DRABBLE (saoah) – i loved you to ruin, and ruin loved me back Empty
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DRABBLE (saoah) – i loved you to ruin, and ruin loved me back  |  Mar 10 Sep - 11:44
is a god still a god without a home, or is he a tired man wearing the leaves of his lover. heavy, uncrowned, quietly waiting for another @noah sielle

No war was ever won by the living. City fell and rose from the ground in a cacophony of cries. The Nara saw it all through the years. The deaths. The births. Governments crumbling and shadows dissipating. Only the one who fell to their knees, were embraced by the earth ever saw the end. Cradled by the first lights, the young man seemed hardened by a life placed under the wrong celestial body. All that he gave written upon his body, those broken lines upon his face, the blackened scars along his back. “You cannot believe we will risk any life for that man? Are you insane, he’s the reason we lost Anja, Sina.” Echoed the words of the woman as she stared at Saad in disbelief. Only silence between his lip, the mutant could not face the truth of what it meant to be here. To face them begging for one’s life as if he didn’t cost so many others. “And Kare! He’s the reason we lost her.He’s the reason she died. As much as Saad was. Too weak to face the trials of time and save the only thing he would have given his life for. Unable to meet her gaze, meet the shame coiling in his throat, his fist were drained of colour. His heart nothing more than a purple wound. His skin littered by the ghost of all he lost. “I’m not asking you to follow me. I’m not asking you to agree with what I am about to do. I’m just telling you what will happen.” Biting her lips, unable to voice her disagreement without launching herself in a fistfight, the red-blooded girl fought against the grief tainting her face. A battle she lost every time. “Don’t let him take you away from me too. I lost enough to his hands.” Those goodbyes were bittersweet symphonies. A hymn for the dead that shall never rise again. Opening his arms, inviting his half to bury the worst of her fears under his skin, he clutched to her with the despair of a dead man walking. “I’ll come back for you, Fola. But I need to do that first. No matter the cost.” “It’ll cost your life, you moron.” “If that’s what the Gods want. I shall give them my life and they shall give me peace.” A broken cry escaped the Yarrow’s lips as she buried her face deeper in the crook of his neck.
Saad knew these walls too well. The blood staining the cobblestones a fearful sight. There were no men down here. Only shadows of regrets and hatred. Wails of grief were wrecking the spine of men in cages. Men who fought for wretched ideals and followed manmade gods into the dark. Their dying sight forcing the mutant to ponder, when was a god made? When was he made to be undone? The echo of their moans were itched in his brain, the Nara unable to understand how furthering the cycle that brought them here would serve anyone. Endless circle of suffering only bringing more hatred in the heart of families wrecked by the loss of their own. They were shaping their own enemies, giving them wooden sticks and rage hoping they would use neither. Suffering the gravity dragging him towards the prison cell, Saad wondered how his superior thought bringing the Sielle here was a good idea. Wondered how anyone thought he could bear to watch the tiger chained and dare not to lift a single finger. He wondered if all he said was a lie, pretending he could bear that sight only to come closer to the man. One foot after the other, Saad was readying himself to meet his fate. About to be undone. “Nara, what are you...” In the blink of an eye the world disappeared, the shout of the guard alerting everyone to that wretched conclusion they were reaching.
Before his eyes, the tiger had lost all of his splendour. The crown blessing his dark mane nothing but a memory now. Noah looked older, ragged. His hair fell upon his shoulders as the night falling upon the sky. The beard gnawing his jaw giving him years he hadn’t yet seen. “I see they gave you the royal treatment? I didn’t even have a loo when I was kept in your jails.” The arrogance was staining the smile of the soldier, the one who saw too much to fall in the arms of a man that took more than he gave. With slow carefulness, the one who was once a king raised his gaze to meet the Nara’s. “You came?”  Putting a foot forward, Saad laid his right hand on the plastic wall of his gilded cage. “For you? Always.” In the back of the soldier, the door to the room was being ripped by the guards, their reunion cut short by the urgency of their dire situation. Another blink and the world was ripped from inside out, the grasshopper suddenly next to the man he could never totally get free from. “I thought...” Careful were the words coming out of the tiger’s mouth. As if they were too big for his lips. As if the months of malnutrition had cut his throat and left him with no voice. With no choice but to aim his thought with perfect purpose for fear or breaking what little connection he felt to the world. “It’s been months.” Approaching his past lover, he raised a hand to his face, feeling the itch of his beard, the length of his hair. “Nara, step away from the prisoner. He shall face trial for his misconduct and justice will be served.” Bitting his lower lip hard, too hard, the Nara was nodding slowly, perfectly aware that none of the guard would dare open the door for fear of what the magnetron could still do. Perfectly aware of why they thought he came. Unsure himself as what would set them free. “You came to kill me?” Whispered Noah with a peacefulness from which Saad was devoid. Nodding to himself, choking on whatever word was left in him, the mutant’s face was waterlogged with emotions keeping him under their spell. “What do you think?” Clutching to the silver’s shoulder, unable to fight years of languor, he met the man’s lips with a broken despair. Barely one second, the time needed for him to feel his heart break under a grief as wide as the sky. Just enough time to wish they would be anywhere, everywhere but here. Eyes closed, his chest caved in, he barely felt the world disappear before grass was under his feet, the crisp air of the night welcoming them. Two set of strong hands were there to catch the king fall. Keeping him afloat as he would set eyes on the world for the first time in months. Battling the knot stuck in his throat, Saad turned his eyes towards Nate, the kid barely a man now. No words were needed. He sometimes thought they would never be enough anyway. All he needed to know was in the Sielle’s eyes. Those eyes so similar and different from his own father. Reminding the Nara too much of what he used to love most upon this earth. Forced to face the family’s reunion, the mutant took a step back. A last bow before the curtain call and his last trick. “You’re not going back to them, are you?” He was. He always would. The same way he would always come back to him in one form or another. There was no other version of this story. Only this. Mere seconds of shared existence before the world tore into their sides with a hunger that nothing would ever soothe. “Come with us, Saad. You’ll be a hero. You saved me.” “Your son saved you. All I did was love you and I just don’t know how not to.

- - i am singing now while Rome burns. we are all just trying to be holy.

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