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propagée par la Confrérie du Soleil: Il semblerait que les bavures militaires ne soient pas l'oeuvre d'argents (ou du moins pas uniquement). Sidonie Galathynius, pourtant une rouge, a été vue agressant la foule et usant de son autorité de commandante pour inciter les militaires à faire de même. Parmi les personnes touchées par la Galathynius: plusieurs argents mais également plusieurs rouges. Personne n'est plus à l'abri...
propagée par la Confrérie du Soleil: L'assaillant de Orion et Tonia Zarkari aurait été commandité par la famille Sielle. Des pièces frappées du tigre ont été retrouvées lorsqu'il a fait tomber une bourse durant sa fuite.
propagée par la population d'Aureus: Lyanna Burkhardt, la fille de Nerea Burkhardt (née Iskander) est morte durant les manifestations. Certains affirment avoir vu un homme portant une veste floquée d'un grand soleil dans le dos s'enfuir à l'endroit où le corps à été retrouvé.
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 DRABBLE (maeren) – they fit in the way that fractured things often do

 :: CHILLING TIME :: la baraque de cupidon  
Aaren Na'hash
PERLES NOIRES— those who do business —
AVATAR + © : maverick (bramble rose.); old money (codesign); vocivus (sign); poésies cendrées (profil)
POINTS : 789
DRABBLE (maeren) – they fit in the way that fractured things often do C4KUf4I3_o
AGE : vingt quatre années condamnées à ne connaître que l'ombre de leur mépris et se briser les crocs sur leur faste érodé.
STATUT CIVIL : coeur devenu paralytique à force de porter ses chaines,
those who do business

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DRABBLE (maeren) – they fit in the way that fractured things often do Empty
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DRABBLE (maeren) – they fit in the way that fractured things often do  |  Jeu 19 Sep 2019 - 6:50
i'm here to admit that you were my medicine. oh, love, i couldn't quit and I'm down on my knees again @maeria elric

Aureus had the bittersweet taste of a place made for leaving. Made for anything but living in its crowded streets, dirty bowels and manmade despair. However, the kid could not stay away from all that dirt, all that hurt he would face in the pit of the nation’s hell. People were hungry, hallowed by those emaciated cheeks, broken bones. Forced to find sanctity in the filth of their destiny to not waste away for nothing. The Sand’s lips were full, his limbs still soft and plump. Ghost haunting the dying, Ren was barely just a wish in the eyes of the damned he met. The memory of a life made for something more than this mephitic air, empty lungs. That translucent skin whom never sees the sun. The sky was every shade of lilac, blooming at the root like a wound on a dirty cheek. The polluted ether was heavy, the kid barely able to push his limb forward when a few years ago he could run barely remembering the taste of oxygen. Aaren was far too young to be roaming those streets alone. Turning every stone, shaking every hole to try and find her. He left. He always left. But he would forever come back. Find her, treasures on her lap, waiting where he saw her last. In this mess of noises, corpses moving whichever way, he would drown in the loss of her. The fear of never finding the girl with the tight smile, monkey limbs climbing whatever she could find as if the blue in the sky was her long-lost home. That’s when he heard her laugh. Somewhere far above. Somewhere where she could touch the heavens and fall backward holy. His eyes turned skyward, he found her on the edge of his vision. Where he could not reach her, where she could always pin him with just one look. A soft smile sprawled on his face, Aaren bumped strangers’ shoulders to find her quicker. To follow her steps and reach whatever empty corner was theirs. Would forever belong to them. “I could not find you. Wait. Did you suddenly stop being knee-high to a grasshopper?” Playfully, he put one hand on the girl head, looking at her with all his might as if he could guess how tall she became since the last time they met. “One day you might stop being a little brat and be a tall brat instead. Can you imagine?” Ren missed Mae in so many ways words could not bear. In the little things, the way she would hug him as if he were her lifeline. Giving herself to the ocean of his being and hoping to drown in his embrace. The way she would smile, reminding him when she lost a tooth and how he could not stop pinching her cheek with all his tenderness. “I’ll be definitely taller than you.” It was his turn to laugh, rolling his eyes at the idea. The world was devoid of colour, forgotten by the Gods. While the girl was every shade of the earth, the sea, the sun. The only thing Aaren could look at feeling something. His arms wrapped around the girl’s tiny frame, making up for the miles unfolded between them with the slow passing of time, he felt the tightrope walker undoing the knots in his chest. “I got stuff for you.” “Wait. I got something better for you.” His brows furrowed, Ren kept the silence tightly put in his mouth, looking at the kid frantically searching through her meager belongings. Once she found it, her joy lighting her face brighter than the sun, she displayed the necklace with a hubris mightier than Icarus’ downfall. “And what’s that, kiddo?” Pink tinged her cheeks as she played with the necklace to avoid looking at her friend’s eyes. Extending a hand to touch the jewellery, he wondered what kind of shark she snatched that from. “I thought... Not now... But like. Once we get older, we could get married.” Confused by the shyness dripping from her words, unable to imagine where she got the idea from, his fingers were roaming the expanse of the necklace. A rope of promise she wanted to tie around his neck. “It’s just. You know. Boys here, they suck. And you don’t suck as much.” A burst of laughter sprang free from his chest as his body was shacked by the sore innocence of it all. “And it’s your idea of a proposal? Telling me, I don’t suck as much as the other boys.” Shrugging, Mae gave him the defiant look of a kid daring the world to prove them wrong. “It’s not my fault if you kinda suck.” “Give me that, you insufferable brat.” “So it’s a yes?” “Who else on this earth could I marry but you, kiddo? Come on, don’t force me to make a proposal of my own.

--- god has always been
an arsonist. heaven has always been on fire.

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