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Ne manquez pas le second chapitre du deuxième tome de l'intrigue. Plusieurs sujets ont été postés, vous pouvez tous les retrouver dans la partie intrigue.

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Merci à tous pour votre participation à la période de sprint RP. La prochaine arrivera bientôt !

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De nouveaux dés ont fait leur apparition, pour vous aider à participer dans le grand jeu du pouvoir et de la politique. Toutes les explications se trouvent dans ce sujet.
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propagée par les Veuves: Alors que de nombreuses personnes ont été empoisonnées à Aureus ces derniers temps, il semblerait que la contamination des eaux ne soit pas une conséquence des manifestations de ce 5 septembre mais provient de la malveillance des Perles, par désir de vengeance suite à la perte d'une part du marché sur la Capitale suite à l'instauration de la république d'Aureus. Des hommes ont été aperçus la nuit, déversant des liquides dans l'eau d'Aureus, à la peau bien trop claire et au regard mauvais.
propagée par les Perles et la population d'Aureus: Il a été raconté par ceux présents sur la scène de crime qu'une rose avec des épines a été trouvée sur le corps d'Alexandre Shelby. Quelques minutes plus tard, à peine, un malheureux homme de main des épines rouges fut trouvé non loin de la maison de l'ancien dirigeant. Il se murmure que les épines rouges seraient à l'origine de cet assassinat, énervé par les contraintes qui leur étaient imposées par le nouveau gouvernement d'Aureus.
propagée par la population de Rezbia: Voilà plusieurs semaines que les apparitions publiques de la reine Nysa Sielle se font rares. Si la famille royale n'a pour l'instant pas offert d'explications à son peuple, cela n'empêche pas certains de spéculer sur la nature de cette absence. On murmure au sein du palais que la reine serait malade, et que c'est pour cette raison qu'on ne la voit quasiment plus sortir de sa chambre et qu'elle ne semble plus s'impliquer dans la vie du royaume. Cette rumeur commence à se répandre comme une traînée de poudre à travers le royaume de Valdierva.
Vous aussi vous voulez propager votre propre rumeur? Alors rendez-vous dans le recensement général pour remplir le champ "rumeurs et informations". Vous pouvez également consulter toutes les rumeurs et informations avérées au sein du registre des informations et rumeurs.

 DRABBLE. (maeren) // fluffy.

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— LES OUBLIÉS ; those in the shadows —
LES OUBLIÉS ; those in the shadows
Maeria Elric
AVATAR + © : z.b. @evethemostperfectcreature
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STATUT CIVIL : ↾ I N T A C T E. ⇃ candeur vierge des amours éphémères.

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DRABBLE. (maeren) // fluffy.  |  Lun 28 Oct - 12:36

[ D R A B B L E ]  // fluff, nothing but fluff in a fluffity world.
@aaren na'hash

◈ ◈ ◈

It’s almost the end of December. Ren tugs the collar of his winter coat higher and rounds the corner, he’s nearly home. The flat – their flat – is hidden in the heights of Aldion, and a secret to protect at all cost, for Aaren and Maeria were extremely careful to whom knew their connection to one and another. Which explained why the main door still looked like a condemned entrance and why Ren had to contour the building, climb a pair of stairs to another concealed gate. They were pretty lucky to find it, and then it only took a few strings to pull (an easy trick between the two of those professional criminal) to insure the place stays out of the official records. Granted, it had no furniture a month ago, when they moved in, and it required some work on the plumber and a few broken windows. But it also had a fireplace and a view to be damned. Besides, he knew how important it was for Maeria to be the closest to the sky as possible.

Shoes and clothes put away, Ren made his way to their bed for an evening nap. His entire body ached of the journey he just came back to. He had been away for a week now and he was impatient to see Mae but he knew she wouldn’t be here for another couple of hours. The bed was made of a pretty huge mattress on a set of pallets (it was the only piece they had actually bought with money and not stole or found in some other places). They both kept travelling so much, they deserved some pampering at home after all.

Ren crawls underneath the fluffy warm blanket and closes his eyelids. The last thing he sees is the frost glazing behind the windows.

A yawn later, as he wraps himself in the blanket tighter, he catches the sight of raven hair on the other side of the bed and a wrinkled nose behind a book. Sneakily, his fingers travel all the way to her, then underneath her knit sweater to tickle gently her tummy.

Maeria giggles, “Finally awake, are we?
“You should have woken me up if you missed me that much,” he laughs, his voice a little groggy with sleep, and draws her closer to him, closer to the warmth of the blanket.

Wouldn’t dream of it, you looked too much like a sleeping angel, love.” Mae inserts the bookmark and places the book on the floor before making herself comfortable against his shoulder.

How was your night?” He asks, for her nights was her days. His hands tenderly removed the strands of hair tickling his cheeks. “Pretty boring. Though I think I may have found us a sofa. Your trip?” Their hands intertwine gently, as if they learned the touch of the other all over again. “More disappointing than yours, they were no sofa.”
She chuckles. “Sounds like someone needs to be comforted.” Mae teases, shifting to be on top of him, each leg by the side of his torso, her long hair tickling his neck. She smiled playfully and all he could think was “god I missed her”. He lifted slightly his head to murmur against her lips. “That, Miss Elric, is an understatement.” Her fingers tangle at the basis of his neck to bring him closer and kiss him softly first, like silk and petals; then harder, like his taste wasn’t enough and she craved for more.

Finally, their foreheads pressed against each other, taking back their breath.
I missed you so much. You make me feel safe, Ren, like nothing bad could ever happen in here.” Mae’s voice is nearly a whisper as she tells him the things she never thought she could feel. With each word, her heart beats faster. Ren hugs tightly, as he listens, kissing her cheeks and her neck from time to time, still pretty amazed that he is here, with her, wondering if this is a start or an end.
He is afraid, of how safe he felt too, of how easy it is to lower his guard down with her, of the giant weakness they create for each other in their dangerous business and yet, how impossible it is to resist, no matter how much they tried. So he brings the blanket higher above them, like a shield between
them (her),
and the world outside.  

( of sorrow and peace )
⌜  i gave iron to my own name, willed it to be the curse uttered by the darker parts of the soul.  ⌟

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