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propagée par les Veuves: Alors que de nombreuses personnes ont été empoisonnées à Aureus ces derniers temps, il semblerait que la contamination des eaux ne soit pas une conséquence des manifestations de ce 5 septembre mais provient de la malveillance des Perles, par désir de vengeance suite à la perte d'une part du marché sur la Capitale suite à l'instauration de la république d'Aureus. Des hommes ont été aperçus la nuit, déversant des liquides dans l'eau d'Aureus, à la peau bien trop claire et au regard mauvais.
propagée par les Perles et la population d'Aureus: Il a été raconté par ceux présents sur la scène de crime qu'une rose avec des épines a été trouvée sur le corps d'Alexandre Shelby. Quelques minutes plus tard, à peine, un malheureux homme de main des épines rouges fut trouvé non loin de la maison de l'ancien dirigeant. Il se murmure que les épines rouges seraient à l'origine de cet assassinat, énervé par les contraintes qui leur étaient imposées par le nouveau gouvernement d'Aureus.
propagée par la population de Rezbia: Voilà plusieurs semaines que les apparitions publiques de la reine Nysa Sielle se font rares. Si la famille royale n'a pour l'instant pas offert d'explications à son peuple, cela n'empêche pas certains de spéculer sur la nature de cette absence. On murmure au sein du palais que la reine serait malade, et que c'est pour cette raison qu'on ne la voit quasiment plus sortir de sa chambre et qu'elle ne semble plus s'impliquer dans la vie du royaume. Cette rumeur commence à se répandre comme une traînée de poudre à travers le royaume de Valdierva.
Vous aussi vous voulez propager votre propre rumeur? Alors rendez-vous dans le recensement général pour remplir le champ "rumeurs et informations". Vous pouvez également consulter toutes les rumeurs et informations avérées au sein du registre des informations et rumeurs.

 DRABBLE (saoah) – I shouldn't have let you leave, i should have called you twice but I didn't

 :: CHILLING TIME :: la baraque de cupidon  
— NEUTRE ; those who don’t care —
NEUTRE ; those who don’t care
Saad Nara
AVATAR + © : ncentineo + persona(ava) + bandit rouge (icons) + siren charms (sign) + bluleys.tumblr(profil)
POINTS : 1228
DRABBLE (saoah) – I shouldn't have let you leave, i should have called you twice but I didn't 2f75840023f221dcbca741d3cde5a89af2f885ad
AGE : ( 22 yo ) jeunesse inconsciente de ses faiblesses, aube d'une sagesse se dérobant à ses doigts, le gamin souffre les limitations de sa pensée et l'impuissance liée à ses traits juvéniles.
STATUT CIVIL : ( single ) épris de la pureté des sentiments, de ces passions dévorantes, mais aussi la douceur de ces étreintes pudiques. saad est de ces amants ne croyant pas aux limites de l'amour. fébrile rêveur aimant à aimer, il est en son coeur trop de place pour qu'il se conforme à la monogamie bien pensante de ses ainés.

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DRABBLE (saoah) – I shouldn't have let you leave, i should have called you twice but I didn't Empty
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DRABBLE (saoah) – I shouldn't have let you leave, i should have called you twice but I didn't  |  Mer 29 Mai - 21:36
I used to never wear a seatbelt 'cause I said I didn't care what happened and I didn't see the point in trying to save myself from an accident. 'Cause if somebody's gonna help me what's this fabric gonna help? And when I'm pitched through the windshield I hope the last thing that I felt before the pavement was my body float.
I hope my soul goes too. Leave the car running I'm not ready to go. It doesn't matter where I just don't want to be alone. And as long as you're not tired yet of talking, it helps to make it hurt less.
@noah sielle

Bathed in the golden hour of an endless twilight, the dying embers of the sun cast shards of shadows in his path. Warning his son the way forward wasn’t one for kind spirits, too often subdued by bittersweet illusions. His eyes cast skyward, the wanderer got lost in the streets of that city he hated with all his heart. Every corner reminded him of what was lost to him forever ago. Every street soaked in memories he could not bear. Every flower shop got him thinking of the lilac that cursed boy got blooming in his throat the first time he asked if he could kiss him. Even with questions filling his mouth, the pianist sounded so assured he would not find any resistance in the Nara. His self-confidence disarming to the kid who knew of no other love yet. And as planned, with trepidation wrecking havoc in his chest, he blushed as he became a stuttering mess, undone by the gaze of the beast feasting on his lips. Saad lost himself in that summer. Like he lost Noah. The memory of those endless nights a stale aftertaste he couldn’t bare to wash out no matter the years that had gone. Clinging to what was left of that time, what was left of them, he roamed aimlessly in that place he dared call home once. When the sun would shine in his eyes, crowning the king of his heart every morning when every night before he worshipped every inch of his skin. Now, his birthplace was nothing but a mausoleum erected in the memory of what was never truly his in the first place. The man that would keep him up at night, begging the moon to hear rocks thrown at his window and see that all too sweet smile. The love that would condemn all others before he even understood what it meant to love another to pieces. Saad lost his heart overseas. The military peeling off every last bit of tenderness Noah left in him like it was the remnants of a disease. Left with a purple heart, his bruised knuckles never tired of giving the organ in his chest a beating, the kid learned to cherish the pain. The memory of all the Sielle left him when only silence filled the room of their last goodbyes. Dragging a fag to his lips, the boy stopped under a streetlamp, unable to decide which way to go. His mind was pushing him forward when his heart was aching to go back. Just a minute. Just a second. Wishing to steal just a glance of what was left of them, of him. Inhaling the smoke, Saad let go of a saddened sigh, a dry laugh erupting from his ripped lips. There was only going forward. No going back. Rising, the weight of the darkened sun on his back, the contemporary Atlas couldn’t bear looking at his hands drenched with blood. Maybe it was better not to see him. Maybe the illusion of what once was could never feel worse than the cold certainty that everything had died. The river gone dried when they couldn’t endure feeding their soul with each other’s sigh. “Saad?” His name was whispered like a prayer addressed to some God he didn’t dare believe in. Talked so softly, the soldier could imagine the tender stroke of his breath brush his ear. Wetting his lips, something aching deep in his chest, the one who was once a boy in love in that very same spot barely found the strength he needed to face his most beautiful ghost. “Noah.” In one exhale, the boy felt as shattered as the day he skipped town. A bag slung over his shoulder, his eyes roaming the crowd in hope of finding his face. For a second, the Nara was all too young and worn out. The echo of guns going off in the far distance paralysing him in terror. The sight of his old lover chilling his bones. One foot in the present, the other in the past, the soldier could barely stomach to see the man facing him. The years were kind to his beauty, etching their reverence in the lines embracing his face. Time merely another lover Noah Sielle tamed without protest. He seemed shorter, or maybe it was only Saad who grew up a few inches. The soldier not needing anymore to clutch to the Sielle as to cross the centimetres separated them now that he could look straight in his eyes without tiptoeing. “It’s been...” “Ten years, I know.” Crossing the void wrenching them, Noah embraced his old flame, a sea of memories threatening to spill out of his eyes if he couldn’t control the storm raging in his thorax. “You were supposed to be dead?” Nothing to offer but a dry laugh to his kindred spirit, Saad raised his shoulder in nonchalance, inhaling some more smoke before throwing his fag at their feet. His hand barely touching his face, Noah was discovering his ex-lover scars, tracing the map of his constellation with his fingertips. Disgust tainted his face as the man was uncovering what no official missive could translate. “Yeah, that? It didn’t stick too long.” Drawing a sharp breath, taking a step back, Saad couldn’t bare the sanctity of Noah’s touch. The sickened look he gave him as he discovered how much the world had broken his boy. Outside the gates of their town, out of the month sheltering their summer love, war was raging. Every man is a son to a daughter. Every soldier a bullet to a gun. And the world was hungry, no amount of blood able to quench that thirst. The silence was taking all the space between us as the Nara felt thousands of kilometres from there, lost in some unnamed trench he would probably never get out of. “I heard you had a son.” A sad smile splayed the pianist’s lips as he nodded curtly. “I heard he already plays piano.” Frowning, Noah’s smile disappeared as his voice was filled with urgency. “How do you know that? I thought your parents went to the USA.” Drawing a tired breath, Saad smiled was broken, his eyes turned skyward towards some promised heaven for fools ready to die for their country like him. “I never stopped loving you.” He managed to say in a struggling exhalation, a shy admission he could barely bear. Almost disappointed with himself. With his will to forever hate him for leaving him to fend for himself against the world’s fangs. “I tried so hard to hate you. Swearing to myself if I could make it, I’d just move on.” His face moonlit was sacred by an opalescent halo, the ugly gash carved in his faced looking mournfully holy. More beast than he was man henceforth, his feelings were an oil spill ravaging his heart. All he asked for was a spark. For a instant, merely a second to welcome the flame and be devoured. “I made it. I’m back. I’m back and... I don’t know why I’m back. I don’t know why I’m here. Why I get to be here.” The Atlantic Ocean was falling from his eyes, staining his cheeks with unbridled grief. Unable to repress the sobs wrecking his spine, his wet gaze fell on Noah. Noah who was always a beacon in the night. A foolish hope that it all made sense somehow and all the hurt that was filling his heart was there for a reason. Noah that was the softest memory he had in his life. His finger touching the piano keys with endless tenderness something he remembered with a broken tenderness despite it all. Without a word, his heart breaking in his eyes, the Sielle embraced his almost lover with the softest of touch. “She died and I should have died. And I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be. Fuck, why do I have to be?” Choking on the words, on the loss, the soldier’s pain was pouring out as he clutched to his old friend for dear life. The man’s voice soaked with unspeakable sorrow, Noah stroked Saad’s hair all his gentleness imbued in his touch. “I wish I could have shielded you from the world.” Weeping harder on the pianist’s shoulder, Saad couldn’t hold his wail. Nothing short of broken. A little beast undone. “What have they done to you my little sun?

- - i am singing now while Rome burns. we are all just trying to be holy.

DRABBLE (saoah) – I shouldn't have let you leave, i should have called you twice but I didn't  Revenir en haut 
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